Ladies Clinic Terms & Conditions

Ladies Clinic costs $340 per school term and needs to be paid in full at the beginning of term.

This cost includes 8 lessons within the full term as we allow for 2 absent days due to wash outs or other commitments. If you have more than 8 lessons in the term you will be charged an additional $42 per extra lesson.

You can do a make-up lesson on any day within the same term as long as there is space on that day. Please check if there is space and book in before attending.

If you are not coming please notify us by sending an email to To be entitled to do a make-up lesson we need a minimum of 24 hours notice that you will not be attending.

Please understand that we have to organise coaches and we can’t cancel them within 24 hours if you can’t come at the last minute.

If you book in for a make-up lesson and then don’t show up this will be included as one of your 8 lessons.

By discretion of the Head coach or Senior Coach on site, your lesson can be cancelled due to poor weather conditions such as too much rain, nearby lightening, temperature above 38C and poor air quality levels of AP1 151+. In this case we will send you an SMS message to cancel. If you don’t get an SMS message then presume it’s on.

A single casual class costs $50.

Classes have a maximum of 4 per court.

Coaches will assign each lady to a group appropriate to their playing ability.

Coaches may reassign any lady to a different group at any time to ensure groups have players of similar standards.

In order to join, you need to have a 30 minute assessment or private lesson with one of our coaches at a rate of $45. This allows our coach to ensure we place everyone in a group with others who have similar skill sets and can provide the best tennis experience for all ladies in our clinics.

All beginners that have never played before will need to have 2 x 1/2 hour private lessons before joining a group to learn the very basics. This will be at a reduced rate of $38 per 1/2 hour if fitted in immediately before or after a ladies clinic group.