Kids Tennis Camp – Terms & Conditions

1. Liability Waiver
I hereby agree that coaches and employees of Eastern Suburbs Tennis Club (ESTC) are released from any liability and responsibility for any injury, illness, death and/or loss of property whatsoever which may occur to my child (or child in my care) at any time during school holidays tennis camps, and I agree to indemnify ESTC coaches and staff from, and against all liability, damages and claims whatsoever in respect thereof. I understand that tennis camp involves physical activities, and I can confirm that my child (or child in my care) is able to safely participate in those activities.

2. Drop-off & Pick-up procedure
I hereby agree to sign-in my child/ren (or child in my care) at drop off, showing a sign-in time and signature. Children are to be sighted by a coach/ employee of ESTC before the parent or person responsible for the child leaves. This ensures that the coach/ employee is aware that your child has arrived and is on the premises. A child’s medication needs or any other information such as food allergies should be passed on to a coach/employee of ESTC at this time. Parents/guardians must also advise who will be collecting the child/ren (if someone different is picking up their child), both verbally and on the sign in/out sheet.
I agree in the case of a separated family, either biological parent is able to add a contact in writing unless a court order is provided to ESTC stating that one parent has sole custody and responsibility. In the case of an emergency, where the parent or a previously authorised contact is unable to collect the child, the parent or person responsible for the child (as listed on enrolment form as having a parenting role) may telephone ESTC and arrange an alternative person to pick up the child. A second staff member will witness the phone call. No child will be withheld from an authorised contact or biological parent named on the enrolment form unless a current court order is on file at ESTC.

3. After Hours Procedure
I acknowledge that ESTC tennis camp will cease trading at 3 pm daily. If there are children still present upon closing, a minimum of two coaches/ employees must be present. If you are late to collect your child, additional charges will apply. If you know that you are going to be late, please notify the ESTC and make arrangements for someone else to collect your child. If at 3.30pm we are unable to contact you and your child has not been collected, we will call alternative/ emergency contact as listed on your enrolment form to organise the collection of your child. If in the event ESTC needs to take your child/ren to the police station for you to collect, a sign will be displayed at the premises notifying you of their whereabouts.

4. Photo Identification
I acknowledge that photo identification will need to be sighted by a coach/ employee of ESTC of all person(s) picking up children – either by parent or other specified person.

5. Refund Policy
I understand that ESTC is unable to refund any monies already paid for a booked tennis camp day unless we are able to fill that spot with another student. A minimum 24-hour notice would be required for this to occur. If there is no notice and the child does not attend the camp on the booked day, a 100% cancellation fee will apply.

6. Photograph Permission
I give permission for my child to be photographed during any lesson or event run by ESTC. Those images may be used by ESTC on their website/social media/printed materials.

7. Working with Children Certificate
I acknowledge all coaches/ employees of ESTC have valid Working with Children certificates.